A respected name comes from working with other respected names

Our customers speak on our behalf

Successful projects make the best references

Collective development know-how, extensive methodological expertise, and attractive prices are one side of our successful coin. The quality of our customer relations is the other. Piline Engineering and Piline Services do not see themselves solely as suppliers that reliably meet all of their clients' requirements. They are also innovative partners who actively support their mutual success by constantly developing new solutions. Once we have set our targets, we do not lose sight of them, and we are only satisfied when are customers are, too.

Side by side for success

The references listed here show just how diverse the range of challenges is that Piline tackles and successfully overcomes. And they are evidence of the many reputable manufacturing companies that have valued the quality of our services for many years. We are committed to every task, and we have the will to get involved and achieve the desired success. Find out for yourself!




Piline Services GmbH & Co. KG startet durch

Die neugegründete Piline Services GmbH & Co. KG ergänzt unser Portfolio um weitere Entwicklungslösungen, kaufmännische Dienstleistungen sowie das Them