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Cross-industry expertise for customized solutions

 Global competition, short product cycles, and tight budgets – the business requirements of industry these days are enormous and it is essential to focus on core business. Technical and, in particular, personnel resources are often scarce and cannot be adapted quickly enough to match business development. The solution is Piline Services – We supply consulting services and active knowledge transfer along the value chain, and we relieve you of some of the burden in your projects.



We think and feel the same as you

 We contribute additional capacity to the entire product creation process, from finding and implementing the initial idea to commissioning the finished product. Depending on the requirements, our specialists and consultants support individual development packages or work continuously with you on long-term projects. In-house or on-site, and always competent, committed, and reliable. Piline Services constantly invests in new systems and development environments, and uses only the very latest technology.